What actually happend to Galileo?

Faraday Paper No 15:

The Galileo Affair

Prof. Ernan McMullin (deceased)

The Galileo Affair long ago became the stuff of legend, defining for many a necessarily tense relationship between science and religion. It has been (and still is) the subject of charge and counter-charge. It may help, then, to outline (insofar as it is still possible) what happened in those tumultuous years. How and why did the Church become involved? And what of the famous trial?

Has Science Killed God?

Faraday Paper No 9:

Has Science Killed God?

Prof. Alister McGrath

This paper explores the aggressively atheist reading of the natural sciences associated with Richard Dawkins, raising serious questions about its intellectual plausibility and evidential foundation. Has the former populariser of science now become little more than an anti-religious propagandist, using science in the crudest of ways to combat religion, ignoring the obvious fact that so many scientists are religious believers? Dawkins’ atheism seems to be tacked onto his science with intellectual Velcro, lacking the rigorous evidential basis that one might expect from an advocate of the scientific method.

Science and religion

Faraday Paper No 1:

The Science and Religion Debate – an Introduction

Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS

Science and theology have things to say to each other since both are concerned with the search for truth attained through motivated belief. Important topics for the conversation include natural theology, creation, divine providence and miracle. This paper provides a brief overview of the current status of the conversation.